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I have been a Mac fan and user since the days of the Mac 128K.  From college and early days in the business world, the Mac was my primary computer, with me everywhere.

Then came a dark time in my life where I just could not use a Mac in my professional world.  I was working for larger companies, and my corporate IT departments refused to support my Mac needs. This was my working life in big company Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Sales in the 90's.

In 2004, the light came back on brightly when I came to work for xTuple, then OpenMFG.  From it's very beginning, xTuple, an open source (and Mac friendly ERP software company) endeavored to provide ERP users powerful software on a technology neutral platform, leveraging the compelling benefits of Open Source.  The great silver lining for me was that the Apple Mac market was a great one for xTuple.  The software runs perfectly, native on the Mac.  And I got to have a Mac as my primary computer, again. Ahhhhh.

In my job, I talk to prospective ERP buyers every day.  Those Mac faithful continually share with me the derth of real business software available for the Mac platform.  Some time back in the 90's a general consensus was formed ceding Windows as THE plaform of business.  The result was very little innovation in Mac based business applications through the 90's and into this new century.

Thankfully, that is starting to change.  I am going to keep watching.  I see big things coming.


Wally Tonra
wallyt -at-