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Apple in Business (thanks IBM)

The Apple + IBM news was initially exciting to me, as I continue to hope to see Apple taking more strides into the Enterperise.  Their lack of any kind of focus had always seemed to be the one missing piece of a generally flawless overall business strategy.  There were certainly mistakes made with an Apple "Business Strategy" in the 90's.  But those scars have got to be long healed over.  I have also come not to believe that their "strategy" was purely one of Entering-the-Enterprise-via-the-Consumer.  Apple execs certainly can like that result as it happens every day, but I don't think that's it. (I've slightly revised my thinking since the July 3, 2011 post below).

We've seen Apple over the years stop catering to the high end user.  Look at the treatment of those creative professional users first with the Final Cut Pro saga and then last year with Apeture.  Many a creative pro felt abandoned, feeling that they had helped keep Apple afloat in the lean 90's.  I do not believe this was Apple deciding to abondon a market, but rather Apple seeking out a broader audience.  Apple doesn't want to be narrowly focused, they don't seek to dominate vertical in a market.  At least, on their own.

Step in IBM.  IBM does want to own verticals in business.  IBM speaks business.  And IBM sees what we all see: Apple creeping into the Enteprise via the consumer.  IBM saw the business opportunity.  IBM knows how to go after a business opportunity - they've been doing that for over 100 years, changing the company dramatically in some cases.

This week Apple + IBM announced the first of the enteprise apps in the partnership to be Apple Watch enabled.  I love the sound of this.  I love the initiave.  It's happening.  There IS an Apple Business Strategy.  It's just coming to your enterprise via your friendly neighborhood IBM Salesrep! 

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