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Everyday I talk to companies that are starting down a path, away from the old Windows centric paradigm, to do something "different".  Sometimes that is a fringe purchase of a new Mac here or there (see the CEO with a Macbook Air); sometimes it is a commitment to use iWork or "Open Office" instead of of MSFT Office; sometimes this is wholesale "switching".  My favorite is the company that makes the decision to go all Macs, and then says "OK, now, what kind of software runs on these things?" 

For me, here, the Enterprise is business.  Companies large and small.  I am facinated by and interested in the use of Apple products in any kind of business.

How Apple products are are faring in the Enterprise is a great topic of discussion. I am watching companies providing solutions (I work for one), and observing how Apple talks to the Enterpise.


iTablet: where will it fit in the Enterprise?

Yes, I believe the Apple Tablet is coming. I have felt this makes tremendous sense for Apple for some time. I have said repeatedly I think in a short period of time, we will all look back and say "How did we go so long without these?" It fits in so many parts of our lives. I agree with Robin Bloor's predicition that the iTablet will fullfill the promse of what the Netbook wants to be.

I have not yet wrapped my head around exactly where this device fits, in the Enterprise.  Readwrite Enterprise doesn't see the tablet as business device.  Their contention is that you really cannot use a device that doesn't have a keyboard as a professional/primary tool to replace a laptop.  I suppose I see that point.  While you may well free up weight in briefcase or backpack, do you want to carry around a keyboard?  What if it is one of those roll up ones like in Bruce Willis' Life Free or Die Hard? I think this could be a possibility.  There are some other tiny ones out there, and I have to believe that could turn into a hot add on market.

I think Apple recognizes what Readwrite is saying.  They are a smart company, and their solutions tend to elegantly refine products that already exist in the market.  Think iPod and iPhone here.  There was no shortage of MP3 players before the iPod.  There were plenty of smart phones prior to the iPhone changing the space.  Apple COO Tim Cook said on more than one occasion that they were not interested in making inferior products, which is how he has described Netbooks in the past.  There is no shortage of documented opinions out there, denegrating the Netbooks.

So Apple will do it differently.  This is the kind of hurdle they specialize in.  This is the kind of roadblock they brilliantly maneuver around.  That is what I am looking for.  I am looking for Apple to again solve a problem that we didn't understand we had, until we had the solution in our hands.  Once it's in our hands we will find ways to use it in the Enterprise.  Just like those business travelers and their Macs.  Just like the army of iPhone users and their Apps.

Come on Tablet!


iPhone: Another Enterprise Gateway

It used to be that during trips through the airports you would see a Macbook here and there.  Then slowly, the Macbook became the laptop of the executive.  Suddenlly, seemingly overnight, the Macbook became the laptop of the business traveler.

Along comes the iPhone, and suddenly that is the device in every travelers hand at the airports.  It's in every one's hands in the cities.  And then the soccer moms.  And then it was everywhere. 

Executives and managers are now under pressure to let the iPhone into the Enterprise.  It works with Exchange, why not?  Forrester says its ready.

It's ready.


Snow Leopard is coming,.. Enter the Enterprise

The first rumblings of a new OS-X operating system were at first a little surprising.  So soon?  Didn't I JUST finish upgrading all my Macs to Leopard?  It is still kicking ass.  Do I NEED a new operating system?  Really, when Leopard came along, it was time.  We all knew it.  It's partly why we all jumped so quick.  That, and all the cool new stuff.  Then I started to hear the word ENTERPRISE associated with this upgrade.  Infoworld started me thinking, hoping last year

Apple calls it a refinement, as opposed to reinvention, but I have to believe the Exchange support WILL be a reinvention of the Mac in the Enterprise.  I see it being a big seller for Macs, and a key to more Macs sneaking into businesses of all sizes.  The Appleblog thinks it won't be 2009, but 2010 that will be the breakout year for the Mac in the enterprise as this Exchange integration gets smoothed out.

I say, it cannot come soon enough.


What is "The Enterprise"? Where does Apple technology fit?

To me, here, The Enterpise is Business.  Business of all sizes, have needs in common.  Because a business is small, does not necessarily mean it's needs are small.  In fact the smaller company that has to respond to customers' demands NEEDS technology.  They survive and thrive by maximizing productivity.  What is more productive than a happy Mac user?

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